SMART LINE  sm981e


TYPE Warewasher
BASKET 600x670
SIZE 775x810x1900h


The dishwashers of the SMART line ensure maximum performance thanks to the standard Acquatech System which, through an atmospheric boiler and rinse pump, maintains constant temperature and pressure and optimum water consumption. SMART ensures a sanitising rinse cycle and proves to be the perfect choice for canteens, nursing homes, pastry shops, bakers and butchers where compliance with HACCP rules is essential. For those who seek glass perfection, it is possible to connect a Reverse Osmosis System which purifies water and reduces detergent and rinse-aid consumption, ensuring excellent results and perfect glasses without the need for hand drying.

The SM981E warewasher is the right choice for effectively washing within its basket, objects measuring up to 575x645x825(h)mm. It is suitable for washing baking trays, pots of various kinds, mixing bowls, utensils and even 26 dishes at each cycle with a maximum productivity of 30 baskets/hour (780 dishes/hour). The work height and the counterbalanced door facilitate loading while the double walls improve thermal-acoustic insulation. The rounded moulded tank with integral filters ensures maximum hygiene and perfect draining.

The electronic control allows you to manage various parameters to give you an absolute customisation level and the continuous self-diagnosis allows you to minimise machine downtime, suggesting some operations to be verified. The self-cleaning cycle at the end of the day cleans the wash tank and empties the boiler from the hot water, preventing limestone forming inside. The standard double peristaltic electric rinse-aid and detergent dispenser ensures the best result from each wash cycle with great savings thanks to the precise dosage managed by the electronic card; whereas, the moulded washing and rinsing arms ensure great reliability and durability. The Thermo-stop function checks that washing and rinsing begin only when the desired temperature is reached. The bodywork is made entirely of AISI 304 steel and has been designed with all components in the front to allow easy technical assistance. Sturdy and reliable dishwashers to best deal with every moment of your day.

Dimensions - (mm) L - P - H 775x810x1900h
n° baskets/hour - (+55°C) Max 30
Ø height plate max 630mm
Height pot max 830mm
LT bread basket 100
Trays GN1/1 - 60x40 GN2/1 - 60x80
Tank heating element - Tank capacity 4,5kW - 37lt
Boiler heating element - Boiler capacity 5,4kW - 12lt
Washing pump 2,0kW / 2,7Hp
Total power input / Current 7,4kW / 16A
Standard input voltage 400V3N+T 50Hz
Recommended inlet water temperature +55°C
Water hardness 7÷10 °f
Water consumption per cycle (inlet suggested pressure 2 BAR) 2,0-2,5lt.
Adjustable detergent and rinse-aid dispenser ELECTRIC
Acquatech system rinse si
8 division cutlery insert 1
Integral tank filter 2
Inox basket dim.600x670x100mm 1
Basket for trays with 5 compartments 1
Input voltage 230V/3+T
Booster pump kit 0,5Hp -
Drain pump kit 40W
Boiler heating element 4,5kW
Boiler heating element 9kW
Reverse osmosis system
Kit 4 Stainless steel feet 50-70mm -


SMART LINE  sm981e

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